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Tickets to Mars



Tickets for the First Manned Mission to Mars

     This offer is genuine. If you are really interested, call
     me at 940-783-1364 between 7 & 11PM US Central
     daylight time, any day. Ask for Chris Willis

A total of 1000 tickets will be sold.

Flight schedule (preliminary) - Destination Mars

               Outward bound                                  Inward bound
Earth departure    Mars arrival           Mars departure     Earth arrival
July   15, 2018     Aug.  21, 2018      Sept.  28, 2020    Nov. 10, 2020
Sept. 25, 2020     Nov. 15, 2020      Nov.  18, 2022     Jan.  10, 2023

Advanced purchase of tickets

1.  The price of each round-trip ticket is $2,000,000.  If you think
     that is high, consider this.  The US taxpayers spent about $120
     billion (in today's dollars) to put 12 men on the Moon.  That works
     out to $10 billion per ticket or 5000 times my price.
2.  Tickets may be purchased NOW, but no person or organization will
     be allowed more than 10 tickets.
3.  Ticket payments will be used to finance the development of the space
     transportation facilities and hence will not be refundable.
4.  Ticket owners will receive stock certificates in the amount of their
     payments.  The stock is in the Texas corporation known as Android
     World Inc.  This will be non-voting stock, but will receive dividends
     if any are declared.  If and when Android World becomes a public
     corporation, ticket holders may sell their stock and still retain their tickets. 
     If this company is successful, you may go to Mars for FREE!   
5.  Payments may be either a lump sum or in 20 equal (annual) payments of
     $100,000, but in the latter case, payments must be completed at least six
     months before departure.
6.  Ticket owners may give or sell their ticket(s) to any other person,
     however, only qualified persons will be permitted to go (see below).

Conditions & Limitations

1.  All passengers must be in good health at the time of departure (due to
     limited medical personnel and facilities).
2.  No guns will be allowed.
3.  No illegal drugs will be allowed.
4.  No felons will be allowed.
5.  No smoking will be allowed.
6.  No pregnant women will be allowed (due to limited medical personnel
     and facilities).
7.  The weight of each passenger and their luggage will be limited to
     400 pounds.
8.  Food during the entire trip will be vegetarian - no meat or fish.  But,
     passengers may bring small amounts of meat as part of their luggage.
9.  The same applies to alcoholic beverages.

Each ticket owner will receive the following:

1.  One all-inclusive round-trip ticket.
2.  Stock in Android World as mentioned above.
3.  A complimentary Mars Explorer kit.
4.  Passengers may design their own cabin or choose one of our designs.
5.  Passengers will select their initial Mars landing site.

Special one-time only offer

The first person or organization to purchase a ticket will receive two tickets for the price of one. So, the first buyer can take their spouse for FREE!